Hi there - I'm a Medical Doctor, Medical Writer & Entrepreneur

Helping to bridge the gap between business and healthcare.

My Services

If you are looking for a Medical Doctor to write medical content and be able to edit it with medical based evidence, then I am your fit ! As a highly qualified Medical Professional, I can provide an added layer of credibility to your articles and content creation. I am versed in all forms of social media and modern advertisements. I have experience working with companies acting in similar roles, and I also have experience when working on my own personal ventures. 

About Me

I'm Matthew Lee, a Medical Doctor whose currently studying business management MSc. I bring a unique background which enables me to bring changes to healthcare in a non-clinical way. I am skilled in software such as Canva, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Business, as well as writing social media content, SEO and understanding medical research.  I also have experience with managing social media content for different business models.

“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity. ”